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Essetre Techno Wall

Please call us at 1-800-350-8176 to order.

CNC controlled, patented woodworking centre for panels of widths 3m to 8m (10-26ft) wide, 400mm (15 3/4 in) thick and unlimited length

An industrial strength machine, able to cut through deeply layered laminated wood or SIP panels. Dimensioning of material can be almost limitless in width or length, for custom-fitted applications.

TECHNO WALL is a CNC controlled, patented woodworking centre. It can process wall panels in widths of 3000 to 8000 mm (10 ft to 26 ft) wide, thickness up to 400mm (15 3/4") and, because of its modular structure, unlimited length.

What makes this machine unique is a patented tool holder of exchangeable tools with a permanent saw blade of diameter up to 1000 mm (39") and a 5-axis tool changer that can host large-dimension tools for processing just about any material.

Watch the video below to see Techno Wall in action:

Close-up of panel cutting machine

The next video shows Essetre Techno Progress, a combination of Essetre Techno Wall and Techno PF, working side by side.

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