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Essetre Techno PM

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CNC processing in a limited space

Work center with moving portal frame and a 5 interpolating axis head to process beams or panels.

Wood dimensions The machine structure allows processing of beams with cross-sections measuring up to 800x400 mm (~32" x ~16").

This system uses "pliers" clamps to position or hold the beams, allowing execution of all the required processes.

Process Flat Panels Too

  • A Lignastone table (optional, see photos below) of 5000 x 1200 mm (approx. 16 ft x 4 ft), provided with a vacuum held material bed, enables you to process flat elements such as:
  • SIP panels of all kinds up to 4 feet in width,
  • Staircases, Pillars and posts,
  • Various elements which do not fall within a beam production field.

Safety First

Special care has been given for safety protection according to CE norms for the chips outfeeding system, for dust containment and for noise reduction.

Flexible and Productive

Two tool-holding magazines with up to 24 positions each and a set of options make the machine even more flexible and increase its performance.

The machine can be set to operate on one side of the track, while the other is being prepared with new raw material, functioning like a pendulum, for increased productivity.

Technical Data

6 controlled axes: X, Y, V (clamp), Z, B, C
Max. beam working length with repositioning 18,000 mm (59 ft)
Min. beam working length ....
Max. working cross-section 800x400 mm (~32" x ~16")
Min. working section 100x100 mm (~4" x 4")
Electrospindle power 12kW at 7000 RPM
Liquid electrospindle cooling
Electric cabinet cooling
X - Y axis speed 70 m/min (~230 ft/min)
Z axis speed 32 m/min (~105 ft/min)
B axis inclination 260°
C axis rotation 540°
Z axis stroke 1350 mm (53")
X axis stroke 1400 mm. (55")
Y axis stroke 11800 mm. (38'8")
Tool connection HSK 63F
Linear tool holding magazine on the uprights 9+9 positions
Inverter power 22 kW
RPM programming 1000-18000 RPM
CE safety protections

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