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C.M. Macchine Planers

Two and four-sided planers for widths from 420 mm (16")  to 3200 mm (126").

Plane beams, planks, boards, floors, components for prefabricated houses and massive timber.

C. M. MACCHINE of Italy has over 30 years experience building high-powered planing machines.

Processing speeds range from 5 to 120 m/min.

Machines are fully customizable for your needs, with many options available.

Also available: Rustic texture brushing machines for producing structured surfaces in beams, boards and panels.


Basic model 4-sided planerThe entry-level model can be supplied for two-sided or four-sided planing.

Directly driven with electric motors.

Working sizes up to 310 mm high and 420 mm wide.

For heavy timbers.

Upper section moves on chrome-plated columns with reducers.

Horizontal cylinder holder.

In-feed and out-feed mechanism provided. 

Opposite vertical spindles.





KOMPAT - The Mid-Range Model

Kompat model planerA mid-range model.

Equipped with cardanic drive shaft and 4 or optionally 6 lifting columns.

Maximum working surface of 310 mm height and 1000 mm width.

Highly customizable depending on your needs. 

Plane 2 or 4 sides. 

Several accessories available

Fixed work surface.

Upper section moves on 4 or 6 chrome-plated columns, operated by high-precision reduction motors, sliding along prismatic guides.

Horizontal cutter blocks

Feeding rollers driven by reduction motors

Motorized outfeed unit

Variation: KOMPAT FS

Kompat FS model planer

Upper section rides on 4 chrome-plated columns, operated by 4 high-precision reducers.

Horizontal cutter blocks

Feeding rollers all driven by reduction motors.


Variation: KOMPAT FSM

Kompat FSM model planer

Two-side planer with a third Multi-blade spindle

Working width 620 mm

Horizontal cutter blocks

Multi-blade spindle is adjustable in height and width, with motorized lifting and digital display. 

Fixed worktop with upper section moving on chrome-plated columns, operated by high-precision reducers.



KSA - The Top of the Line Model

KSA model 4-sided planerC.M. Macchine's top-of-the-line model

For planing material up to 310 mm high and 3200 mm wide.

High-speed, with electronically adjustable feeding speeds of 25 to 120 m/min.

Sturdily built in modular form, electro-welded for high strength and stability.

Upper section moves on chrome-plated columns with high-precision gearboxes.

Horizontal cutter blocks.

Feeding rollers all driven by reduction motors

Highly customizable to your needs. Plane 1, 2 or 4 sides and choose from several accessories available.

KSA Variations

Planer model KSA-2200

KSA 2200

This planer allows for the planing of curved beams, with a revolving turntable placed under the machine body frame.

KSA 3200 S X-LAM

For planing panels up to 3200 mm (10'6") at high speed.



Minimum planing width mm 50 50 50
Minimum planing width with chamfering mm 80 80 80
Maximum planing width mm 400 500-1000 320-3200
Minimum planing height     20 20
Minimum planing height on request mm 20 15 15
Maximum planing height mm 300-400 300-400 300
Electronically adjustable feeding speed m/min 6 to 30 6 to 30 25 to 120
Maximum removal mm 10 10 10
Maximum removal (high power motor) mm 15 15 15
Machine weight kg 2800 3800-5500  

Contact us to discuss customizing a planer for your particular application.

Want to produce a rustic textured surface in beams, boards or panels? See CM Macchine's Rustic texture brushing machines.

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