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About us

Tool geeks. 

Planing a timber with chips flying

We love tools - good tools. The best, most effective, most efficient, longest-lasting tools. 

We've built our business on sourcing the best quality tools from  Europe, especially Switzerland and Germany where the world's highest standards of workmanship are an everyday reality.

We've designed tools, such as our SwissPRO KSP Chain Mortiser, built in Switzerland with the features that our North American professional timber framing customers want.

We've also partnered with conscientious traditional craftsmen to create hand-forged tools for our Buffalo Tool Forge brand, again in consultation with our customers.

We are proud to carry the most sought-after natural sharpening stones from Belgium and from Germany.

Cleverly engineered tools such as the Lignatool Dovetail Mortise & Tenon Template grab our attention faster than you could cut a dovetail mortise with that rig.

Please look around our website - you may find something amazing here that will change your life - or at least how you work. 

Contact us by phone at 1-800-350-8176 or via our contact page with your questions about any of our tools.

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