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Universal Housing Router Template

For routing housings and mortise openings

You don't have to do it by hand. You don't need a CNC machine. And you can do it easily and quickly!

Presenting: A fully adjustable and flexible tool for routing accurate housings and mortise openings, whether flat, angled or other types. 

Here are some of the things it can do:

Work safely and without fatigure!

A locking plate is screwed on the table of the router. The router is hooked into the safety milling guide. 

Easy mounting

- with screws or lever clamps

Make a wood connection of high-quality craftsmanship.

The results look good and fit well in the most visible areas.

Set angle in degrees and in percentage

Order custom shapes

Shapes can be customized according to your requirements. They are fascened to the base plate with four screws.

Adjustable inclination and angle stops 

The templates can be used with the degree scale at an exact angle (braces offset) or oblique (stairs).


The maximum hole size is 12" x 21.6" (310 x 550 mm), the maximum tilt 20 degrees.

Modular concept

Components such as milling guide, locking plate, chip guard, and fences also fit the dovetail milling system. If you already own a dovetail milling system, all you need is the base plate for tenon or mortise. Please call us for pricing details.

Special Milling Bit

We have a Milling Bit with Helix Knives for use with this template (not the bit shown in the video).

We will include a router locking plate to match one of the routers that we know work with the system (Mafell, Festool or Scheer). Please specify the make of the router you have. If you do not own one of these routers, consider adding the Scheer router to your order.

Router is not included with this product.


Lignatool Universal Housing Router Template
Lignatool Universal Housing Router Template
$ 3600.00

Milling Bit with Helix Knives
Milling Bit with Helix Knives
$ 790.00
Replacement Rotatable Carbide Knives for Helix Bit
Replacement Rotatable Carbide Knives for Helix Bit
$ 260.00
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