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Essetre Techno Fast

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Techno Fast is a unique CNC workcentre for processing dimensional lumber as well as timber beams, with the aid of 11 exchangeable tools.

The tool head moves around the timber to allow processing on all six sides, without need to turn the work piece.

It was designed primarily for the X x 4 industry, making components for houses, but its cross-section size and tool change capability makes it an excellent roof truss and timber construction machine.

It is shipped in a solid monobloc structure, in one piece, having reduced overall dimensions that allow transportation in 40 ft containers, without need to disassemble the machine prior to shipment. This shipping arrangement also allows a faster installation at your end.

With remarkable speed, Techno Fast can process beams having maximum dimension of 250 x 620 mm (~10 x 24 inches) and unlimited length. The beam processing occurs automatically thanks to a motorized loading system, which transports the beam on the in-feeding roller conveyor which is integrated in the structure of the machine. Two multi-function clamps allow you to move and hold the work piece inside the processing area, while the unloading occurs with a pneumatic device that pushes the processed beams onto a series of fixed supports, integrated on the machine’s structure.

The process area consists of one “5-axis” milling head with double-sided motor, one side with an automatic tool connection, allowing tool changes to suit process applications; the other having a flange connection supporting a circular blade with diameter of 600mm (almost 24 inches).

A tool holding magazine with 11 positions is installed in the front section, on a portal shoulder, in order to allow rapid and precise tool changes.

The chips and the shavings produced while processing the workpieces are channeled outside of the working area by means of an internal conveyor. A dust removal system can be connected to the machine’s safety cabin to avoid heavy dust accumulation inside the working zone.

A computer console has been installed on the front side of the machine by means of an articulated hinge system which allows it to be positioned to suit the operator.

Finally, the machine has been integrated with a new graphic software specific for processing beams, with a 3D visualization of the workpiece and of its processing.

The new software is also provided with importation interface for connecting to the most common construction programs (Cadwork, HSB Cad, Dietrich's, Sema) and with a simulation and anti-collision system.

Technical Data

6 controlled axes: X-2Y-Z-B-C
X axis stroke: 1350mm (53")
Y1 infeeding axis stroke: 3650mm (144")
Y2 outfeeding axis stroke: 3650mm (144")
Z axis stroke: 1150mm (45")
B axis rotation: 540°
C axis rotation: 540°
Max beam’s workable dimension: Length unlimited x Width 250mm (10") x Height 620mm (24.4")
X axis speed 100 m/min (328 ft/min)
Y axis speed 150 m/min (492 ft/min)
Z axis speed 50 m/min (164 ft/min)
Electric installation Volts 400/50Hz ± 5%
Air consumption (6 Bar) 400 l/min
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