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Type: 4-tooth (for 1½ and 40 mm bar)
Inside dia:
SKU: Sprocket4
$ 161.00
Type: 5-tooth (for 2.0" bar)
Inside dia:
SKU: Sprocket5
$ 161.00

The sprocket is fixed to the motor shaft of the mortising machine and transmits the rotary movement to the chain. It is manufactured with specially formulated hardened steels.

Sprockets are available for each pitch of the chains:

  • for “A” pitch with 4 and 5 teeth (mortises 40 and 50 mm long);
  • for “B” pitch with 6 teeth (mortises 30, 35 mm long) - Call us to order;
  • for “C” pitch with 6 teeth (mortises 20 and 25 mm long) - Call us to order.

The inner diameter of the sprockets is typically 16 mm (5/8") on heavy-duty portable or stationary mortisers, but on some portables (Mafell) can be 15 mm.The teeth of the sprockets are arranged on one, two or three ring gear crowns, depending on the thickness of the chain with which they have to be combined.

To find out which sprocket has to be used with a specific chain, you have to know the dimensions of the mortise to be made and the inner link size of the chain. The figures show the differences between the sprockets generally used for the different chain pitches.

To order sprockets, let us know:

  • Mortise width (W).
  • Mortise length (L).
  • Chain pitch.
  • Thickness of the bearing.
  • Number of teeth of sprocket .
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