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Chainsets for Mafell Mortisers

Mortise Chain Mortise Chainsets
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No. of links: 29 links
Cut length:
SKU: Mafell ChainSet 29
$ 1860.00
No. of links: 30 links
Cut length:
SKU: Mafell ChainSet 30
$ 1960.00

ChainsetChainset for Mafell chain mortisers LS 102 and LS 103. For other brands of mortisers, click here.

Chains are 28 mm. Hard-chrome finish.

The 30-link chainset has two 14mm inside diameter sprockets, one with 4 teeth and one with 5 teeth. Cut length is 2".

The 29-link chainset has a 14mm inside diameter 4-toothed sprocket, plus a Stauffer cap for lubrication - an old, long-lasting technology that works -  to replace the "permanently" lubricated bearing on the original bar. Choose cut length of 1-1/2” or 40mm.

For sharpening, consider sending them to us for a professional edge surfacing.

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