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Chainsets for Mafell Mortisers

Mortise Chain Mortise Chainsets
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Mortiser model: Mafell LS 102 (30 links)
Length of cut:
SKU: Mafell ChainSet LS102
$ 1260.00
Mortiser model: Mafell LS 103 (29 links)
Length of cut:
SKU: Mafell ChainSet LS103
$ 1260.00

ChainsetChainset for Mafell chain mortisers. For other brands of mortisers, click here.

Chains are 28 mm. 

Chainsets for Mafell LS 102 Mortiser has 30 links, two 14mm inside diameter sprockets, one with 4 teeth, one with 5 teeth.

Chainsets for Mafell LS 103 Mortiser has 29 links and a 14mm inside diameter 4-toothed sprocket, plus a Stauffer cap for lubrication - an old long-lasting technology that works -  to replace the "permanently" lubricated bearing on the original bar. 


We recommend tempered chains. Tempered chains hold their sharp edge very well. For sharpening, consider a sharpener or send them to us for a professional edge surfacing.

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