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Sauer ZKS-2033 Chain Beam Saw

Sauer ZKS-2033 Chain Beam Saw
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A robust tool, made just for timber framers and log builders.
Cuts through up to 14" beams in a single pass.
Solid table keeps saw stable. With its swivel hinge it can be adjusted to cut angles up to 60 degrees.
Shavings always blown away leaving cutting point viewable at all times.
The bar rail can be tilted back, up to 10 degrees, to facilitate more efficient cuts.
Saw pulls forward allowing optimal cutting characteristics.
Solid metal enclosure cools better, does not misshape under heat, keeps motor bearings aligned.
The leading side of the chain on the cutting side is automatically lubricated to extend life, eliminates waste and prevents splatter of lubricant on work surface.
Low lubricant consumption through use of laser hardened Oregon bar set.
Large lubricant reservoir, eye glass shows oil level.
Powerful motor. Built-in brake.
High work-load capability.
Long life design makes the Sauer ZKS-2033 extremely reliable over time, and an essential high production tool for all types of cut-off or trimming jobs.


Rated input  2100W
Voltage: 230 V
Idle speed: 7100 rpm
Chain speed - at idle: 17.5 m/sec (62.5 ft/sec)
Chain speed - under load: 14.5 m/sec (47.9 ft/sec)
Weight: 19.8 kg (43 lbs)
Made in Germany. 1-year guarantee.
Included with saw:
  • Bar and chainset
  • Guide bar
  • Fence
  • Tools
  • Bio-oil
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