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HEMA ZS 20 Portable Bandsaw

HEMA ZS 20 Portable Bandsaw
40.00 lb
Our price:
$ 6500.00
Cutting height

A professional power tool for timber framing, log building and construction

Legendary Powertool Quality

Timber framers know the legendary reputation of the HEMA ZS 20 portable band saw as a robust, accurate, powerful and multi-purpose carpentry tool, used for many tasks including making corbels, radius and other ornamental cuts in wood.

Now making a come-back as SwissPro.

Wide table, stiff frame allow high tension on the bandsaw blade for accurate, straight cuts.

The HEMA ZS 20 portable bandsaw includes a robust frame made of light-weight aluminum. Band wheels are machined for cambered transport of the blade.

Technical details

Throat depth: 8"
Rated input: 2000 Watt S 4,
Power supply: choice of 115 or 230 V motor
Weight: only 31 lbs

Optional: Increase cutting height to 14" or 16"! Contact us for more information.

This hand held bandsaw is dynamically balanced, with sway-dampening wheel springs and wear-resistant roller blade guides, making the band saw blade turn quietly, yet cutting aggressively, through the wood.

High quality blades available from 1/4" to 1/2". Optional 3/4".

See also bandsaw blades and guide track.


band saw blade guidesHand held band saw detail
Above left: Optional blade guides available for cutting timbers smaller than 6".

detail of bandsaw bladedetail of portable bandsaw

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