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HEMA ZS 20 Portable Bandsaw

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A professional power tool for timber framing and log building

Legendary Band Saw Quality

Timber framers know the legendary reputation of the HEMA ZS 20 portable band saw as a robust, accurate, powerful and multi-purpose carpentry tool, used for many tasks including making corbels, radius and other ornamental cuts in wood.

Wide table, stiff frame allow high tension on the bandsaw blade for accurate, straight cuts.

The HEMA ZS 20 portable bandsaw includes a robust frame made of die-cast aluminum. Band wheels are vulcanized and machined for smooth operation.

Technical details

Throat depth: 8"
Rated input: 1200 Watt S 4, direct drive
Power supply: 230 V
Weight: 39 lbs

Optional: Increase cutting height to 14" or 16"! Contact us.

This hand held bandsaw is dynamically balanced, with sway-dampening wheel springs and 4 wear-resistant carbide blade guides, making the band saw blade turn quietly, yet cutting aggressively, through the wood.

High quality blades available from 1/4" to 1/2". Optional 3/4".

See also bandsaw blades and guide track.


band saw blade guidesHand held band saw detail
Above left: Optional blade guides available for cutting timbers smaller than 6".

detail of bandsaw bladedetail of portable bandsaw

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