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Bandsaw for Wood - Dario SV3 MAXI

Bandsaw for Wood - Dario SV3 MAXI
Dario SV3 MAXI
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Dario maxi woodworking bandsaw An articulated wood band saw with a difference!

For a smaller version of this bandsaw, see the Dario Media SN33/SN44

High cutting capacity in a compact size.

Maximum cutting height 430 mm (almost 17 in.)

Work surface tilts in two directions: 35° to the right, 15° to the left, easy adjusted manually using a graduated knob.

Safety first: The bandsaw's blade is completely enclosed in a patented protective housing.

You can operate this band saw with both hands for maximum safety.

Very quiet and vibration free operation.

Use band saw blades with widths of 30 mm (max) right down to 3 mm for the tightest angles.

Three flywheels in vulcanized and ground rubber.

Operates on a variety of voltages, e.g. 220V, 380V....

The band saw can be fitted on a wall or on a column with our articulated arm, which allows you to move the unit easily in any direction while the worked piece remains immobile.

SET 3000: For cutting large size parts in series.

Bandsaw on a tilting base

This configuration consists of the SV3 MAXI sawing machine complete with articulated arm, central column and material support.

Bandsaw with mechanical feed system

SET 3000 bandsaw configuration with mechanical feed system for wood panels. Includes articulated arm, central column, pressure lock, material support, device for cutting arches.


SET 3000 bandsaw configuration with roller feed system for wooden beams

Accessories: Small solutions, BIG results.

New: ST 100 Saddle Cutting Device

Cut arcs with different radius. Ideal for interlocking construction, log homes, furnishings and decorations. Use in combination with SET 3000.


Saddle cut in beamDiagram of ST100 saddle cutting device

See this bandsaw in action in the video below. The first half of the video shows the MEDIA, a smaller bandsaw; the second shows the MAXI in different configuratons.

Technical Data SV3 Maxi Band Saw
Cutting width 650 mm / 25½"
Cutting height 370 mm / 14½"
Cutting height without work surface and blade guide 430 mm / 17"
Dimensions of work surface 500 x 640 mm / 20" x 25"
Maximum blade length 3650 mm / 144"
Minimum blade width 3 mm / 0.120"
Motor: recommended minimum

220V 3-phase

Motor: available •380V 3-phase
•400V 3-phase
Approximate weight 250 kg / 550 lb
Overall dimensions

1380 x 600 x 1800 mm
54" x 24" x 71"

Band saw for wood Dario SV3 MAXI - diagram with dimensions

Bandsaw for wood Dario SV3 MAXI on stand


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