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Brushes for Braun Rustika B-1800 Portable Power Brushing Machine

Brushes and set of 9 brushes Brush Type 15, steel Brush Type 27, steel Brush Type 38, steel Brush Type 50 ZP Braun B-1800 Power Brushing Machine
Description Price Buy
Type: 15
SKU: B-1800-15
$ 377.00
Type: 27
SKU: B-1800-27
$ 375.00
Type: 38
SKU: B-1800-38
$ 369.00
Type: 15 FB
SKU: B-1800-15FB
$ 535.00
Type: 50 ZP
SKU: B-1800-50ZP
$ 435.00
Type: 50 ST
SKU: B-1800-50ST
$ 420.00
Type: 50 AL
SKU: B-1800-50AL
$ 430.00
Type: 50 LZ
SKU: B-1800-50LZ
$ 463.00
Type: 50 FL
SKU: B-1800-50FL
$ 473.00
Type: 100 SW
SKU: B-1800-100SW
$ 310.00
Type: 100 SL
SKU: B-1800-100SL
$ 435.00

Brushes come in sets of 9, which are used side by side on the Braun B-1800 Power Brushing Machine.

Choose the right brushes for your work:

Type 15 Soft steel. For brushing of profiles, charred surfaces, or pores of hardwood. The result is distinctive texture, and a smooth undisturbed structure of annular rings.
Type 27 Medium steel. For brushing of all hard- and softwoods that submit to brushing. The result is a shallow but distinct texture on hardwoods, or a distinct and deep texture on softwoods with the soft part of annular rings brushed out.
Type 38 Heavier steel. For brushing of all timber species. The result is a very coarse texture in any wood.
Type 15 FB For effective dusting off and cleansing of pores of hardwood (ie oak). Also effective for polishing after staining
Type 50 ZP Heavy wire steel. For creating very heavy structures. The result is an extremely deep and rustic structure on all wood species.
Type 50 ST

Made of strong specialized plastic (Anderlon). 

Used for finishing the surface after structure teatment with the wire brushes, i.e. types 25, 27, 38. In this secondary work process, the risen wood fibers and splinters will be brushed off, so that the surface becomes ready to receive lacquer or oil. 

Additionally this brush type is used directly on softwoods to develop middle depth, soft structures. 

Brush type 50 ST is the most-used brush type.

Type 50 AL For finish brushing after structure has been achieved with brush type 27, or for final finishing after brushing with type 50ST when a finer finish is required. 
Type 50 LZ Used for cleanup between layers of lacquer finishes
Type 50 FL Mexico fibre/ soft leather combination for treatment of stains with natural wax content.
Type 100 SW For polishing of high gloss finish
Type 100 SL For polishing of surfaces after waxing, in order to achieve a shiny finish and for brushing out stains or calcium residues.

All brushes are used with the Braun B-1800 Power Brushing Machine.



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