Chain Mortisers

SwissPRO KSP 16 Chain MortiserSwissPRO KSP 16 Chain Mortiser - Professional carpentry tool for mortising, custom designed and made in Switzerland.

Hema Chain Mortiser ZKS-15HEMA ZKS-15 Chain Mortiser - A solid machine for timber framing

Sauer Swiss 3-in-1 chain mortiserSwiss 3-in-1 Chain Mortiser - The Swiss Army knife of chain mortisers, for on-the job-repairs or for the private home builder, it can also be used as a slotter.

Swiss KSL 161 Chain MortiserSwiss KSL 161 Chain Mortiser - A smaller, lighter version of the SwissPRO KSP-16. For cross-grain mortising.

HEMA stationary chain mortiserHEMA Stationary Chain Mortiser - The latest generation of chain mortisers.

Chains for chain mortisers and slotters - Made in GermanyKeil chains for mortisers and slotters

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