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Swiss 3-in-1 Chain Mortiser KSM

Vertical slotting. Clamping mechanism for door lock mortising. Mortising with a side fence, using a wide bar/chain. Model KSM Set 8, with sliding vertical clamp
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The Swiss Army Knife of chain mortisers.

Designed and built to suit a variety of mortise applications for small or big jobs. This unique machine is a:

  1. Chain Mortiser - with a fence, to cut mortise holes across the grain
  2. Chain Slotter - with one additional fence*, cuts along the grain
  3. Door (lock) Chain Mortiser - with a few plate changes*. Clamp onto your door to mortise holes to fit a tenon or a door lock.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Recommended for on-the job-repairs or private home builders. For slotting, bar and chain sizes available from 6 mm (1/4" to 18 mm (~3/4"). For mortising uses a bar and chain assembly 18 mm (~3/4") width, to match the power of the motor perfectly. Power requirement: 110 Volt. Optional: 220/230 Volt.

Bar and chain assembly: to give you unrivalled, clean mortise or slot holes.

Width of chain: choice of 1½" or 2.0" chainset. To purchase additional chainsets, see Mortise Chains.

Depth of cut: 6 inches

*may require the purchase of additional parts

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