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Swiss KSL 161 Chain Mortiser

Chain Mortiser KSL161
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Motor: 110V
SKU: KSL-1612
$ 2900.00
Motor: 220V
SKU: KSL-1611
$ 2700.00

Smaller version of SwissPRO KSP 16

Choice of 110V or 220V.

Choice of 1-1/2"  or 2" chain-set. 

This mortiser is best used for in-the-field repairs, or for private builders.

The Swiss KSL 161 cuts mortises against the grain, like its professional cousin, the SwissPro KSP-16.

Cross-grain mortising is rapid, saving time, leaving a cleaner mortise and perfect, perpendicular mortise ends, needing much less chiseling. 

The machine glides easily without clogging shafts or bushings.

With the new, more powerful Swiss-made "Suhner" motor, the machine is now available for 110V operation, with option for 220V. 

This new smaller version of the professional KSP 16 mortiser shares many of its popular successful features:

  • Ergonomic safety switch and handle
  • 1400 W motor
  • Hard-chromed and polished shafts on space-age Ertalite bushings
  • Side fence
  • Scribe plate for easy viewing and setting of position
  • Good chip ejection with safety guard on.
  • 6" cutting depth at 18 mm (~3/4") width.

Machine includes a mortise chain-set of 1-1/2"  or 2". Specify when ordering.

To purchase additional chain-sets, see Mortise Chains .

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