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ZOBO System 3 CHROMIUM drill bits METRIC 50-100 mm

ZOBO System 3 CHROMIUM drill bits METRIC 50-100 mm
Description Price Buy
Drill dia.: 50mm
SKU: WD C 50x150 S3
$ 300.60
Drill dia.: 51mm
SKU: WD C 51x150 S3
$ 309.73
Drill dia.: 52mm
SKU: WD C 52x150 S3
$ 312.65
Drill dia.: 53mm
SKU: WD C 53x150 S3
$ 314.72
Drill dia.: 54mm
SKU: WD C 54x150 S3
$ 324.91
Drill dia.: 55mm
SKU: WD C 55x150 S3
$ 326.78
Drill dia.: 56mm
SKU: WD C 56x150 S3
$ 337.80
Drill dia.: 57mm
SKU: WD C 57x150 S3
$ 338.83
Drill dia.: 58mm
SKU: WD C 58x150 S3
$ 340.90
Drill dia.: 59mm
SKU: WD C 59x150 S3
$ 341.76
Drill dia.: 60mm
SKU: WD C 60x150 S3
$ 335.73
Drill dia.: 61mm
SKU: WD C 61x150 S3
$ 347.80
Drill dia.: 62mm
SKU: WD C 62x150 S3
$ 353.83
Drill dia.: 63mm
SKU: WD C 63x150 S3
$ 359.85
Drill dia.: 64mm
SKU: WD C 64x150 S3
$ 363.99
Drill dia.: 65mm
SKU: WD C 65x150 S3
$ 357.95
Drill dia.: 66mm
SKU: WD C 66x150 S3
$ 371.91
Drill dia.: 67mm
SKU: WD C 67x150 S3
$ 373.98
Drill dia.: 68mm
SKU: WD C 68x150 S3
$ 382.07
Drill dia.: 69mm
SKU: WD C 69x150 S3
$ 393.10
Drill dia.: 70mm
SKU: WD C 70x150 S3
$ 383.11
Drill dia.: 71mm
SKU: WD C 71x150 S3
$ 397.06
Drill dia.: 72mm
SKU: WD C 72x150 S3
$ 400.16
Drill dia.: 73mm
SKU: WD C 73x150 S3
$ 406.19
Drill dia.: 74mm
SKU: WD C 74x150 S3
$ 411.18
Drill dia.: 75mm
SKU: WD C 75x150 S3
$ 404.12
Drill dia.: 76mm
SKU: WD C 76x150 S3a
$ 422.21
Drill dia.: 77mm
SKU: WD C 77x150 S3a
$ 427.21
Drill dia.: 78mm
SKU: WD C 78x150 S3a
$ 432.38
Drill dia.: 79mm
SKU: WD C 79x150 S3a
$ 438.23
Drill dia.: 80mm
SKU: WD C 80x150 S3a
$ 430.31
Drill dia.: 81mm
SKU: WD C 81x150 S3a
$ 436.48
Drill dia.: 82mm
SKU: WD C 82x150 S3a
$ 464.57
Drill dia.: 83mm
SKU: WD C 83x150 S3a
$ 466.63
Drill dia.: 84mm
SKU: WD C 84x150 S3a
$ 474.72
Drill dia.: 85mm
SKU: WD C 85x150 S3a
$ 480.59
Drill dia.: 86mm
SKU: WD C 86x150 S3a
$ 487.64
Drill dia.: 87mm
SKU: WD C 87x150 S3a
$ 489.71
Drill dia.: 88mm
SKU: WD C 88x150 S3a
$ 490.74
Drill dia.: 89mm
SKU: WD C 89x150 S3a
$ 491.77
Drill dia.: 90mm
SKU: WD C 90x150 S3a
$ 496.62
Drill dia.: 91mm
SKU: WD C 91x150 S3a
$ 499.71
Drill dia.: 92mm
SKU: WD C 92x150 S3a
$ 505.73
Drill dia.: 93mm
SKU: WD C 93x150 S3a
$ 506.77
Drill dia.: 94mm
SKU: WD C 94x150 S3a
$ 507.80
Drill dia.: 95mm
SKU: WD C 95x150 S3a
$ 509.83
Drill dia.: 96mm
SKU: WD C 96x150 S3a
$ 511.04
Drill dia.: 97mm
SKU: WD C 97x150 S3a
$ 512.18
Drill dia.: 98mm
SKU: WD C 98x150 S3a
$ 513.31
Drill dia.: 99mm
SKU: WD C 99x150 S3a
$ 523.31
Drill dia.: 100mm
SKU: WD C 100x150 S3a
$ 527.51
  • Drilling with shank extension For softwood and hardwood
  • Shank diameter 20/13 mm
  • Total length 150 mm
  • Uses 10 mm centering point, bit or pin, not included.
  • See "Related Products" for the appropriate centering part and other accessories.

Be sure to choose the appropriate centering tools and other accessories for your Zobo System 3 bit. See "Related Products" below.

Choice of centering inserts

  1. A sharp centering point; Centering poing
  2. A pilot drill bit to drill a pilot hole as you go; Centering bit
  3. Centering guide pins that fit into a pre-drilled pilot hole. guide pin

You will need:

  1. The ZOBO drill bit
  2. A replaceable pilot drill bit OR centering point OR guide pin (see "Related Products" below)
  3. Shank extension if drilling deep holes, as in the photo on the right.
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