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ZOBO System 3 CHROMIUM drill bits METRIC 101-130 mm

ZOBO System 3 CHROMIUM drill bits METRIC 101-130 mm
Description Price Buy
Drill dia.: 101mm
SKU: WD C 101x150 S3-STL
$ 809.11
Drill dia.: 102mm
SKU: WD C 102x150 S3-STL
$ 816.17
Drill dia.: 103mm
SKU: WD C 103x150 S3-STL
$ 823.23
Drill dia.: 104mm
SKU: WD C 104x150 S3-STL
$ 830.09
Drill dia.: 105mm
SKU: WD C 105x150 S3-STL
$ 844.42
Drill dia.: 106mm
SKU: WD C 106x150 S3-STL
$ 851.31
Drill dia.: 107mm
SKU: WD C 107x150 S3-STL
$ 858.37
Drill dia.: 108mm
SKU: WD C 108x150 S3-STL
$ 865.44
Drill dia.: 109mm
SKU: WD C 109x150 S3-STL
$ 872.50
Drill dia.: 110mm
SKU: WD C 110x150 S3-STL
$ 879.56
Drill dia.: 111mm
SKU: WD C 111x150 S3-STL
$ 886.62
Drill dia.: 112mm
SKU: WD C 112x150 S3-STL
$ 893.51
Drill dia.: 113mm
SKU: WD C 113x150 S3-STL
$ 900.57
Drill dia.: 114mm
SKU: WD C 114x150 S3-STL
$ 903.67
Drill dia.: 115mm
SKU: WD C 115x150 S3-STL
$ 904.71
Drill dia.: 116mm
SKU: WD C 116x150 S3-STL
$ 906.61
Drill dia.: 117mm
SKU: WD C 117x150 S3-STL
$ 908.68
Drill dia.: 118mm
SKU: WD C 118x150 S3-STL
$ 914.71
Drill dia.: 119mm
SKU: WD C 119x150 S3-STL
$ 921.77
Drill dia.: 120mm
SKU: WD C 120x150 S3-STL
$ 944.85
Drill dia.: 121mm
SKU: WD C 121x150 S3-STL
$ 951.91
Drill dia.: 122mm
SKU: WD C 122x150 S3-STL
$ 957.94
Drill dia.: 123mm
SKU: WD C 123x150 S3-STL
$ 966.03
Drill dia.: 124mm
SKU: WD C 124x150 S3-STL
$ 972.93
Drill dia.: 125mm
SKU: WD C 125x150 S3-STL
$ 979.99
Drill dia.: 126mm
SKU: WD C 126x150 S3-STL
$ 987.05
Drill dia.: 127mm
SKU: WD C 127x150 S3-STL
$ 993.08
Drill dia.: 128mm
SKU: WD C 128x150 S3-STL
$ 1000.14
Drill dia.: 129mm
SKU: WD C 129x150 S3-STL
$ 1007.20
Drill dia.: 130mm
SKU: WD C 130x150 S3-STL
$ 1014.27
  • Drilling with shank extension For softwood and hardwood
  • Shank diameter 30/16 mm
  • Total length 150 mm
  • Uses 10 mm centering point, bit or pin, not included.
  • See "Related Products" for the appropriate centering part and other accessories.

Choice of centering inserts

Be sure to choose the appropriate centering tools and other accessories for your Zobo System 3 bit. See "Related Products" below.

  1. A sharp centering point; Centering poing
  2. A pilot drill bit to drill a pilot hole as you go; Centering bit
  3. Centering guide pins that fit into a pre-drilled pilot hole. guide pin

You will need:

  1. The ZOBO drill bit
  2. A replaceable pilot drill bit OR centering point OR guide pin (see "Related Products")
  3. Shank extension if drilling deep holes, as in the photo on the right (available in this size for stationary drills only).
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