Lignatool Pro Kit

Lignatool Pro Kit
Description Price Buy
Template: LT060 (1:4 pitch) for dimensional lumber
Router plate to match:
SKU: LigTool Pro LT060
$ 4615.00
Template: LT080 (1:3 pitch) for dimensional lumber and narrow timber
Router plate to match:
SKU: LigTool Pro LT080
$ 4615.00
Template: LT120 (1:2 pitch) (most common) for rafters, purlins, ceiling beams
Router plate to match:
SKU: LigTool Pro LT120
$ 4615.00
Template: LT180 (1:1.5 pitch) for very heavy timbers or round logs
Router plate to match:
SKU: LigTool Pro LT180
$ 5715.00

The most popular version, as it includes adjustable fences and the dust protection shield.

See the main Lignatool Dovetail Mortise and Tenon Template page for full information about this excellent product.

We will include a router plate to match one of the routers that we know work with the system (Mafell, Festool or Scheer). Please specify the make of your router. If you do not own one of these routers, consider adding the Scheer router to your order and save $100 on the cost of buying these two items separately. 

You can add to the modular system as needed. Pro Version includes:

  • Tenon Template
  • Mortise Template
  • Router locking plate
  • Systainer case
  • 15° milling bit
  • Depth setting gauge
  • Angle-adjustable fence
  • Clip-on dust shield
  • Measuring scales

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Save $100 when you add a Scheer router, the only router we have found with the sustaining power to keep working continually.

See it in action with the Scheer Router:

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