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SwissPRO KSP 162/202 Chain Mortiser

SwissPro Chain Mortiser KSP 16
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Motor: 110 V
Bar length: 6" bar
Chainset width:
SKU: KSP-16-110V
$ 4900.00
Motor: 110 V
Bar length: 8" bar
Chainset width:
SKU: KSP-20-110V
$ 5600.00

"Just sits on the timber and eats wood"

Mortise scribe plateAlternative product:: chain mortiserWhy pay more?

We designed this chain mortiser specifically for the professional timber framing trade, improving on existing mortisers, building in the features that our customers wanted to make their work much more efficient. Now with new stronger motor 

Available for mortising depths of 6" or 8 ". With a hard-chromed chain, for longer edge life. Choice of 120 V or 230 V motor.

Built in Switzerland, for the best quality available anywhere.

Price includes:

  • mortiser guide stand, 
  • 1½" or 2" chainset, 
  • hard-chromed chain 
  • chainfit lubrication. 

Heavy-duty - Ergonomic - Reliable - Efficient

Designed specifically for the professional timber framer

  • Chain mortiser detailOur most rugged, yet ergonomic chain mortiser, designed with the collaboration of our customers. It has the weight, the quality and substance for continuous mortise work.
  • Heavy-duty guide posts made of polished hard-chromed solid steel and space age bushing material that won't clog, bind or wear out.
  • Shock absorption with gas spring. Plunges smoothly into wood and retracts easily from timber.
  • Heavy-duty, Swiss-made high torque motor with soft-start and overload protection.
  • Toggle safety switch for comfortable and safe handling, for right- or left-handed operation
  • Adjustable fence, with large lock lever: easy to lock, easy to release for cross-grain mortising.
  • Choice of imperial or metric measures on unique scales for side-fence, depth stop.
  • Line-of-sight assist with chain/mortise scribe plate
  • Bar/chain tension adjustment stabilized with solid metal key inside reinforced housing.
  • Choice of 6" or 8" depth of cut, (actual depth: +1/2" deeper)
  • Heavy-duty weight and balance
  • Choice of motor:
    • 2500W @ 230V @15 Ampere
    • NOW AVAILABLE: 120 V MOTOR @20 Ampere
  • Weight: 29 lbs / 14 kg

Accessories included:

  • /import_images/SwissPro/mortiser-3.jpgSide fence and guide stand
  • Complete mortising set (6" or 8" bar, 28mm wide chain, sprocket, Stauffer grease fitting, choice of 1½" and 2" sets and HC- chains, at no extra charge) for extra 1/2" of depth.
  • Can of "Chain-Fitness" penetrating lubricant
  • Set of wrenches
  • Mortise scribe plate
  • 3m (10') power cord

To purchase additional chainsets, see Mortise Chains .

Compare our SwissPRO KSP 16/20 mortiser with Hema and Mafell chain mortisers

Motor/Transmission SwissPRO 162/202 HEMA ZKS15 Mafell LS 103Ec
Motor Eibenstock Industrial motor.
2500W @ 230V or 120V @ 2000W available
2000W @ 230 V 2500W @ 240V
electronic controller yes no no
Motor soft start (buffers motor and transmission) yes no no
Motor removable without dismantling transmission yes no no
Possibility of clogging with wet chips very low very high very high
Chain-set compatible with competitor's mortiser yes yes yes
Bar assembly onto solid metal key (ST-50) - will not bend yes yes no
Chain sizes 28 x 1 1/2 in
28 x 40mm
28 x 50mm
40 x 50mm
28 x 35mm
28 x 50mm
28 x 1 1/2 in
28 x 50mm
(plus 4 sizes of slotting chains)
Hard chromed chain for double edge life supplied with every machine no no
Longer bars/chain 6" and 8" depth is standard; 12" on special order no no
Guides SwissPRO 16/20 HEMA Mafell
Guide bushings CNC turned, precise guide bushings of space-age material (ERTALITE) with extremely high wear and tear resistance and dry lubrication performance standard, subject to clogging standard, subject to clogging
Gas spring for smooth return Heavy-duty, larger, stronger, more wear-resistant smaller not applicable; uses compression spring
Ease of changing gas spring easy complex not applicable
Depth of cut with standard bar over 6 1/2" or 8" (12" on special order) 5 7/8" 5 7/8"
Fence Setting SwissPro KSP 16/20 HEMA Mafell
Adjusting, locking and unlocking Simple to use. Locks and unlocks on slightest clamping pressure. Hard to lock and unlock Subject to loosening and breaking
Slide shaft Polished chrome steel for better gliding, no wear & tear N/A N/A
Scales inches or metric (optional) metric only metric only
Positioning sleeve red anodized (simplifies clean view onto scale) N/A N/A
Scales SwissPro KSP 16/20 HEMA Mafell
Simple setting of depth measure Integrated. No ruler or measuring tape necessary not available not available
Depth scale inches (metric on request) metric only metric only
Scale lasered in, won't rub off N/A N/A
Lock screw brass, will not damage guide shafts N/A N/A
Scribe scale

Quick alignment of machine to scribe and mortise. (Aligns chain to mortise scribe, without needing to push chain down to check, saves time)

Available for all standard sizes (inches and metric)

not available not available
Mortise without guide stand Possible with our side fence (optional) yes yes


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