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SwissPRO Horizontal Slotter SG-401/501

SwissPRO Chain Slotter SG 401/501
Description Price Buy
Motor: 230V
Model: SG 401
SKU: SG401-230V
$ 7800.00
Motor: 110V
Model: SG 401
SKU: SG401-110V
$ 7930.00
Motor: 230V
Model: SG 501
SKU: SG501-230V
$ 8700.00
Motor: 110V
Model: SG 501
SKU: SG501-110V
$ 8830.00

The most efficient deep-cutting slotter available anywhere.

When the job calls for insertion of steel plates into timber, no other tool comes even close to cutting straight, linear slots into wood. This powerful and accurate tool features additional cutting depth up to almost 20", yet is light weight enough for ergonomic handling by one person.

  • Simple set-up and re-clamping with pneumatic cylinder
  • Integrated motor drive with bar and chain system, with a unique brass slide to assure straight tracking of bar into slot
  • Can be angled 45°
  • Bar and chain assemblies for slotting widths of ¼" - ¾" (6-19 mm)
  • Chainset extra. See our selection of chainsets.
  • Slot depth of 16" / 420 mm (Model SG 401) or 18" / 460 mm (Model SG 501)
  • Robust Suhner motor 2000W@230V/115V
  • Weight 53 lbs/25 kg to 61 lbs/28 kg.


1: Demonstration

2. How to install the chain

3. Height adjustment

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