Original Escher Stone

Limited quantities available from a recently discovered block of the Original Escher Stone.

Original Escher rock and cut stones

Original Escher Stone
Sizes Available Price (USD) Buy now
5 x 2.5 x 3/4 in / 125 x 63 x 20 mm with slurry stone

110 x 25 x 15 mm
approx. 4.3 x 1.0 x 1/2 in.
slurry stone not included

$ 129.00

125 x 25 x 15 mm
approx. 5 x 1 x 1/2 in.
slurry stone not included
Few remaining. Last pieces visually not perfect, but functional

$ 116.00
For a limited time, some other sizes:
140 x 30-35 x 12-22 mm
approx. 5-1/2 x 1-1/4 x 1/2-3/4"
slurry stone not included
5-3/4" x 2" x 3/4"
slurry stone not included
slurry stone
25 x 42 x 15-22 mm
approx. 1 x 1-1/2 x 5/8-7/8 in.
The end of the Escher is approaching. After we made available several hundred Original Escher stones from an old block of stone, we are sold out of the larger size. To all those customers who bought one of them, congratulations. To the many potential purchasers of this stone, who inquired, you've almost missed your chance. The quarry has used up the entire block of stone that was available, and we will likely never see any more, as that part of the quarry is barely accessible, protected by nature reserves.

This is the original and famous Escher Stone, cut out of the one and only ultra-fine green to grey colored raw material from Germany.

This quarry was hidden away in Communist Germany for decades and yielded an original block of stone, which was cut into the only sizes that its veins permitted, thus producing a limited quantity of high quality Original Escher hone.

The largest size is now gone. But we have contracted with the quarry to have the remainder of the stone cut and polished into the next possible sizes, now offered right here, on-line.

Thuringian Water Hone

Ultra-fine natural blue water hone in high quality for the final hone of razors, scalpels, knives, edge tools, butcher knives.

Meanwhile, from nearby in the same Thuringian quarry as the Original Escher Stone comes a new supply of black to grey-blue colored raw material.

Like the Original Escher Hone, the new Thuringian material is composed of pure powder-like quartz, embedded in chalk.

The extraordinary fineness and hardness of these stones are not met by any other natural stone — 10,000 to 12,000 grit.

The new Thuringian hone is somewhat harder than the Original Escher material, but has recently yielded towards lighter color, in the direction of the Original Escher, producing a similar high-grit hone.



Thuringian stone, with a slurry stone and wooden box (available with larger sizes).

Thuringian Hone (the new-found material)
Size Price (USD) Buy now
8"x 2" x 3/4" WITH slurry stone and wooden box
10" x 3" x 3/4" WITH slurry stone and wooden box

About the Escher and Thuringian Whetstones straightedge razor

The Original Escher Stone, as well as the new Thuringian hone, are known by straight edge razor shavers as the ultimate razor honing stone. It is used as the final hone after shaping and sharpening the blade with man-made or natural abrasives that produce a wire-edge, or burr, in the fashion of a saw-toothed like serrated line.

Also used for ritual slaughtering knives, or for improving the edge of any knife.

The composition of the stone, quartz powder embedded in chalk, gives it its slurry activity. You can either rub a small sister stone over the surface to quickly raise an active quantity of dust, then add water and you have a slurry, which some users prefer; or use without a slurry, just whetting the surface of the stone, and you will get an even more incredible fineness of edge with just a few strokes.

Can I use it as a final hone after using the Belgian garnet stone?

We are often asked this question. If you have used a high quality natural Belgian stone, the Escher/Thuringian stone is NOT recommended as a final hone, because the edge profiles created by these stones are different and not complementary. A high quality Belgian stone (such as the ones we sell) produces an edge without burrs, therefore that edge is already drawn toward attaining an ideal finish, so you wouldn't gain any advantage by using the Escher.

However, if you happen to own a low-quality Belgian stone (more aptly: a stone containing fewer garnets of large size, therefore cutting a coarser edge profile), there can be some improvement with the use of the Escher.

The Escher water hone is completely free of pyrites, which could otherwise hamper the honing effect.

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