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ZOBO System 3 CHROMIUM drill bits METRIC 31-50 mm

ZOBO System 3 CHROMIUM drill bits METRIC 31-50 mm
Description Price Buy
Drill dia.: 31mm
SKU: WD C 31x100 S3
$ 139.00
Drill dia.: 32mm
SKU: WD C 32x100 S3
$ 141.00
Drill dia.: 33mm
SKU: WD C 33x100 S3
$ 145.00
Drill dia.: 34mm
SKU: WD C 34x100 S3
$ 148.00
Drill dia.: 35mm
SKU: WD C 35x100 S3
$ 149.00
Drill dia.: 36mm
SKU: WD C 36x100 S3
$ 151.00
Drill dia.: 37mm
SKU: WD C 37x100 S3
$ 153.00
Drill dia.: 38mm
SKU: WD C 38x100 S3
$ 156.00
Drill dia.: 39mm
SKU: WD C 39x100 S3
$ 157.00
Drill dia.: 40mm
SKU: WD C 40x100 S3
$ 159.00
Drill dia.: 41mm
SKU: WD C 41x100 S3
$ 161.00
Drill dia.: 42mm
SKU: WD C 42x100 S3
$ 163.00
Drill dia.: 43mm
SKU: WD C 43x100 S3
$ 166.00
Drill dia.: 44mm
SKU: WD C 44x100 S3
$ 169.00
Drill dia.: 45mm
SKU: WD C 45x100 S3
$ 173.00
Drill dia.: 46mm
SKU: WD C 46x100 S3
$ 174.00
Drill dia.: 47mm
SKU: WD C 47x100 S3
$ 177.00
Drill dia.: 48mm
SKU: WD C 48x100 S3
$ 182.00
Drill dia.: 49mm
SKU: WD C 49x100 S3
$ 197.00
Drill dia.: 50mm
SKU: WD C 50x100 S3
$ 211.00
  • Drilling with shank extension For soft or hard wood
  • Shank diameter 12 mm
  • Total length 100 mm
  • Uses 6 mm centering point, bit or pin, not included.
  • See "Related Products" for the appropriate centering part and other accessories.

Be sure to choose the appropriate centering tools and other accessories for your Zobo System 3 bit. See "Related Products" below.

Choice of centering inserts

  1. A sharp centering point; Centering poing
  2. A pilot drill bit to drill a pilot hole as you go; Centering bit
  3. Centering guide pins that fit into a pre-drilled pilot hole. guide pin

You will need:

  1. The ZOBO drill bit
  2. A replaceable pilot drill bit OR centering point OR guide pin (see "Related Products")
  3. Shank extension if drilling deep holes, as in the photo on the right.