SERRA Portable Sawmills - Montana MD 90 / ME 90

The professional alternative at a very competitive price.

Especially designed for North America, this saw sports either an electric motor or a diesel engine rated at 33 kW (44.2 HP) with a twist: using unique hydraulic technology, the diesel engine remains stationary while driving the sawhead via 2 hydraulic hoses, providing even-powered motion with no engine vibration transmitted to the blade. The diesel engine is enclosed in a noise-absorbing housing for quiet and clean operation.

See also: the new Montana MD/ME 110, a larger version of the MD/ME 90 sawmill.

log clampsmodular sawmill frameNew clamping system, new modular frame.
To maintain equal cutting precision, the log can be clamped and pulled down on the bed. Exact operation of all clamps is achieved with only one joystick control. Number and positioning of squaring arms can be defined by you, the customer.

blade tensioning system23" bandwheels (700 mm) with a telescopic hydraulic blade tensioning system which keeps the blade guides closest to the log. Additionally there is 16 1/2" (42 cm) clearance above the blade for continous sawing without removal of boards.

diesel tankThe diesel tank is strategically placed and easy to fill, saving time, with large capacity of about 8 US gal (30 L).

Montana portable sawmill, first cutUnique SERRA features:

  • First cut can be made at 34 inches (87 cm) height with a maximum 3 ft log diameter. The sawhead design sports the same unique telescopic blade tensioning and blade guide movement as the big SL series saws. Additionally the same hydraulic log handling options are available.
  • The unique frame is hot dipped galvanized, the remainder is painted with a powder coat to create a long lasting sawmill impervious to rain, snow, dirt or salty conditions. You can saw logs 3 feet (90 cm) in diameter, making the first cut at 34 inches (87 cm) height.
  • The optional diesel engine provides hydraulic power to the sawblade, thus avoiding any kind of vibration, adding to the extremely accurate cutting precision of this saw.

Below: Montana ME 90, with electric motors.
Montana sawmill being shown at trade fair Montana sawmill demonstration at trade fair

See video of the Montana in action!

Technical data
Log diameter 3 ft (90 cm)
Cutting length 23 ft (7 m) standard, extendable to 39 ft (12 m) as an option
Drive MD-90: Diesel engine -26 kW Kubota, 33 kW (35 HP)
ME-90: Electric motor 18.5 kW
Production output 10,600 Bft (25 m3) / 8 hours
depending on diameter of log and number of helpers
Weight 3.5 t depending on accessories
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