Portable Circular Saw TT 130 with a specially designed table and fence attachment



Includes saw.
Includes 5-ft guide track.
(US dollars)

TT portable circular saw
Saw included.

SwissPRO guide track, showing cross-section
SwissPRO Guide track


Rugged, workhorse design  

An extremely rugged and large table, made of anodized aluminum, re-enforced laterally with a U-shaped steel brace. The table will swing 45°, adjustable with lasered-in scale. Additionally, a large fence can be mounted from either side. When used in conjunction with the guide-track, the table can be hooked horizontally onto the guide track for cutting tenon rip cuts. Use it most efficiently by ganging several timbers together.

  • Make cuts up to 5" deep at 90°
  • Step-less depth adjustment
  • Integrated handle for easy transport
  • Ergonomic grips for continued work
  • Robust table
  • Adjustable parallel fence


The TT 130 was designed for making cross and rip cuts in wood using 220V saws. Use the fence and our guide track (sold separately) for long straight line and gang cuts.

Designed for Makita and Hitachi C13U saws, available in Europe and elsewhere.

Optional Accessories:

  • Guide rail, 1.5 m long
  • Guide rail, 10 ft, (3 m) long (1 part)
  • Guide rail extension adapters
  • Carbide tipped sawblade 335 x 3.6 x 30 mm / 40 alternating teeth, for fine sawing.

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