The Slick is a favorite of timber framers. Shaped like a chisel, but wider, it has a slightly upswept handle and works almost as well as a plane, sweeping across the wood.

The Large Slick is a favorite among log-smiths and also very popular for dressing hand-hewn timbers; these slicks are great for cleaning up corners after logs are stacked. Considered a must for dovetailed timberwork.

The Scarf Slick looks the same as a flat slick from the front, but its blade is dished - curved in two dimensions. For log work and cleaning dovetails. Heavier in mass, will cut through obstructions more easily. See photo below.

Lassiter Scarf SlickThe Lassiter (or Western) Scarf Slick is forged into a thinner formation and is much lighter but very popular in British Columbia for log work and cleaning dovetails. The scarf design has very slight curved profile, a fishtail blade and curved edge.

Tip guards — Protect your investment with a high-quality, handcrafted leather guard made of saddle-grade leather which is stitched and riveted. Tip guards for slicks come with ABS plastic backing inserts. Choose the tip guard with tie string for the regular Slick, and one with a snap for the Large Slick or Scarf Slick.

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Edge, flat-bottomed slick Edge, gouge slick
Left: Large Slick, showing the flat bottom. Right: Scarf Slick, with slightly curved bottom.


3 slicks
Left to right: Slick, Large Slick, Scarf Slick

leather tip guards
Leather tip guards available. The regular Slick uses the tip guard with tie string shown at left. The Large Slick and Scarf Slicks use a tip guard with a snap, shown at right.


(All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.)

Price ($US)
Slick, 2½"
Leather tip guard with tie string included
2½" x 31"
Tip Guard with tie-string for Slick above
Large Slick
Leather tip guard with snap lock included
3¼ x 31"
Scarf Slick
Leather tip guard with snap lock included
3½" x 31"
Lassiter Scarf Slick, large 4" x 31"
Lassiter Scarf Slick, medium 3½" x 31"
Tip Guard with snap lock for Large Slick or Scarf Slick
Belgian Blue sharpening stone (4000 grit) 6" x 1 5/8"
Combination sharpening stone Carborundum (600 grit) on one side, Belgian Blue (4000 grit) on the other 6" x 1"
Slick Handle  
Lassiter Scarf Slick


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