Log scribe tool for log home builders

Below left: Set up for horizontal scribing. Below right: with optional side-handle.

Log scriber showing optional side handleLog scribe tool in horizontal position

The Robert Chambers Log Scriber

A new, professional log scribe tool designed especially for log home construction. The best log scriber on the market!

  • Simple, fast, accurate and reliable
  • Uses Fisher space pens, writes anywhere
  • Equi-distance pen-setting
  • Custom-made vials, bubble and bullseye
  • Pistol grip for ergonomic holding and great control
  • Use vertically or horizontally
  • Modular design, multi-purpose: extra wide and slide arc settings, laser attachment

Comes with: 2 pens, instructions, tool kit, and hard carrying case with ripple-foam interior.

Scribe Distances — 0 to 10.5+ inches (0 mm to 270 mm), and up to 25 inches (0 mm to 635 mm) when using modular, optional slides.

Plumb — no scribe-setting board is ever needed!

Ergonomic grip — very comfortable and non-slip, good in all weather and all seasons. The easiest to hold, and most comfortable scriber ever made. Warm to hold in winter, maintains its comfortable textured grip even when wet.

Fisher Space Pens work at ALL angles, and even write under water. More than 10 years of field testing have proven these are the best ink pens for scribing logs.

For reorder:

Pens available with blue or black waterproof ink.
You can buy pens from Fisher Space Pen Company, from Robert Chambers or directly from us at Timber Tools.

These pens have ball-point tips, so pens do not wear out, and do not change with wear.

Pens and pen-holders are slim so they fit into the tight spaces in notches (unlike Ultra scribes that have bulky large plotter pens and over-sized pen holders).

Pens for these scribes are always available off the shelf, unlike some other famous scribes.

Fisher Space Pen refills: RP/CSP Pen refills
$8 each.

Side-Handle — optional side handle makes grip rock solid. You will be amazed at the control you get. Any M8 x 1.25 handle will fit (Makita sander / grinder for example). Or ask for optional handle ($10).

Rotate pen angle — the pen holders can be rotated by you at any time, to any angle, to get the best contact with both logs. The scribe setting will not change, and the scriber stays plumb.

Handheld — the best hand geometry of any scriber made: easy to grip, easy to keep plumb, comfortable.

Rugged, sturdy and precise — CNC-milled from non-rusting premium stainless steel and high-test aluminum.

Professional Quality — designed and manufactured to provide you with a lifetime of use.

Bubbles — The best in the industry. All models have both double-bubble and bullseye bubble. Custom made bubble vials.

Can be used for "laser scribing" — has a precision-milled hole ready for standard bore-sight lasers.

Click here to download the Chambers Scriber manual.

Chambers Log Scriber

$455.00 (USD)


Side Handle

$15.00 (USD)

Includes: 2 pens, instructions, tool kit, and hard carrying case with ripple-foam interior.

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