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Chain Mortisers

SwissPRO KSP 16 Chain Mortiser
HEMA Chain Mortiser ZKS-15
Swiss 3-in-1 Mortiser
Swiss KSL 161 Chain Mortiser
HEMA Stationary Mortiser

Chain Mortiser

Chain Slotters

SwissPRO KSF-402 Chain Slotter
SwissPRO Horizontal Slotter SG-401 / 501
HEMA Chain Slotter ZKS-15

Swiss KSF-402 Chain Slotter

Mortise and slotter chains

mortise chains and barsMortise and slotter chains
Chain sharpening services, sharpening machines, chain lubricant

Drill Guides

Mafell BST 650 S Driling Station
HEMA ZB Drill Guides
SwissPRO BST 580 Drill Guide with tilting mechanism
Swiss Tenon Drill Guide
Swiss Construction Drill Guide
Swiss Router Guide for Stair Stringers
ZOBO Deep Drilling System - up to 10'

Drill Bits, Auger Bits

HolzMaster W-Cut Ultra Smooth Augers
HolzMaster Nail Chipper Ship Augers
WoodOwl Self-Feed Wood Boring Bits
ZOBO Central Drilling Systems
ZOBO Deep Drilling System

ZOBO Centralized drill bit


HEMA ZF-215 Skew Notcher/ Tenon Cutter

Power Brushing Machine

Braun Rustika B-1800


SwissPRO Guide Track
Band Saw Blades
Planer Blades
Ratchet Beam Tensioner (Come-Along)
Rafter Tie Clamp
Chambers Log Scriber



Serra Portable Sawmills

The Alpina
The Bavaria
The Africa
The Montana
The Duett Edger/Trimmer

Serra portable sawmill

Tenon Cutters

Krusi ZA66 P
Used Tenon Cutters

Tenon cutters

CNC Woodworking Centres

Essetre CNC Timber Processing Centres
Krusi CNC machines from Switzerland

Beam Saws

Sauer ZKS-2033 Chain Beam Saw

HEMA KS-380 Chain Beam Saw
Portable Circular Saw with TT 130 table and fence attachment

HEMA KS380 chain beam saw

Band Saws

HEMA ZS 20 Portable Bandsaw
Portable band saw for wood
Dario MEDIA Woodworking Band saw Wood bandsaw
Dario SV3 MAXI Band saw for wood
Band saw for wood

Stone Saws

Dario Diamond Wire Saws for cutting Stone, Granite, Marble Diamond wire stone saw

Surface Planers


wide surface planer

Four-Sided Planers

Rex 4-sided planers from Germany
Mida 4-sided planers from Portugal

Hand-Forged Hand Tools

Adzes and Axes
Draw Knives
Framing and Bench Chisels
Corner and Swan Chisels
Belgian Sharpening Stones
Power Gouges

Hand-forged chisels


Belgian Blue & Yellow Whetstone
Escher Water Hone
Tormek Water-Cooled Wheel Sharpening System
Sharpening stones

Wood Finishes

Land Ark Natural Wood Finish
Interior Liquid Finish
Exterior Liquid Finish
Soft wax / End grain sealer

Natural wood finish for timber frames

Dovetail Mortise and Tenon Milling Templates

Cut CNC-style mortises and tenons!

Avola Bench Saws

Manual, numeric control or automated CNC bench saws


Timber Frame ToolsChiselsSwissPRO Chain mortiserSharpening stonesDario bandsawDrill bits and augersAvola circular bench sawsPortable bandsaw for woodMortiser chains and service
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